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Brain Freeze

We finally made a return to the still-tasty Taco Zulu, only to find that JG is so out of practice with frozen margaritas that he immediately developed a paralyzing brain freeze. Luckily, he was able to thaw out with the shot of tequila that accompanied his fajitas.

The groaning and grimacing went on for well over a minute, during which time I helpfully pointed, laughed, and snapped pictures.

The customized serving board had spaces cut out for cheese, sour cream, guac... and a tequila shot. JG wants you to know that he did not eat a SINGLE french fry (seriously).


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Mambo Italiano

Kickin’ it at the Peroni Street Festival on swanky Florida Road.

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Half Hearted

Saturday found us on our continuing quest for a suitable replacement for our beloved saturday morning market. And with Durban’s I Heart Market now checked off the list, I think it is safe (and sad!) to say that there simply is no replacement for the Biscuit Mill.

The bustling I Heart Market had great indie crafts, excellent hipster-watching, several tasty looking food choices… but its windowless indoor venue meant it was only a 15-minute pit stop on this lovely summer day.

Ah well. We’re back in Cape Town for a long weekend in early March, and visions of rump rolls, breakfast crepes and strawberry mules are already dancing in our heads.

Roxy surveys the scene at the I Heart Market, gives it high marks for hipsterdom, but ultimately wants to be out in the sunshine. Le sigh.

Also in the Pug's negative column: she wasn't the tiniest dog there. Harrumph!

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Elephant Elephant

In honor of February 1, here’s a shot of the “elephant calendar” that JG bought at a street market a couple of years ago. You line the 12 elephants up all facing the same direction, then turn the one that corresponds to the month you’re in (so the 2nd elephant is turned for February). Extremely useful for pinpointing the date within a 30-day margin of error.

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Sunshine Day

Knock on wood (or “touch wood” as the SAfricans would say), the rainy season has finally ended! Here’s a peep from the balcony today.

Hello, blue sky!

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Zip It

As part of our epic weekend in the mountains, we did the Drakensberg Canopy Tour, which is a series of 12 ziplines suspended in the treetops of the Blue Grotto forest. It was an amazing experience in a spectacular setting – even for dangerphobic me!

More photos in the slideshow from yesterday’s post.

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The Drakensberg

We’ve been lucky to make some great friends here in Durbs, and luckier still that some of them come with great perks like quaint mountain cottages!

Our friends Terry and Steph invited us up to their house in the Drakensberg mountains for the weekend, where we hiked, boated, swam, sunned, lounged, lawn-bowled, zip-lined, ate, drank, and even battled a baboon. An amazing time with awesome peeps! Check the slideshow for a full recap.

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