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Bye Bye American Ty

Roxy has been in a funk since the departure of her doggy boyfriend Tyson. His parents, Jaime and Langa, are moving to the US at the end of December, so Tyson hopped a plane to head to Jaime’s parents’ house in upstate NY.

He may have found a fun new hobby in chasing the neighborhood deer, but he’s sadly missed by the little lovelorn Pug.

Living life pug-style

Living life pug-style

Roxy checks to see if there is room in Ty's travel crate for her to stow away.

Roxy checks to see if there is room in Ty’s travel crate for her to stow away (and thinks better of it when she realizes that both of those buckets are only for water, not food).



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Rock the Vote

Doing our patriotic duty!


Sealed with a kiss

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We had all of the peeps over on Saturday for a 3-pronged party: a housewarming for our sweet new pad; a celebration for our buddy Langa, who just secured his American green card; and the 3-year anniversary of our arrival in SA!

The dress code was red, white, and blue, and we feasted on chicken wings, burgers, dogs, brownies, and jello shooters. America, F yeah!

Johnny and Langa celebrate American style! And don't be fooled by JG's decidedly unpatriotic outfit - this was his third costume change of the evening (the first of which was Modern George Washington, of course).

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Happy Independence Day, y’all!

The boyz, out in full force for our White Trash going away party in '08. The very best that America has to offer.

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Got this nifty pin as part of our schwag bag at Sara-Manson’s wedding, and it’s been hanging out on the camera bag ever since. Virginia, represent!

Random aside: this slogan always reminds me of an elementary school class field trip to the state capitol, where we all received Virginia is for Lovers bumper stickers. On the way home, some boys in the back of the bus ripped theirs up and stuck them on their jean jackets to say “Love is for Virgins”. Which was in 5th grade, which is also when I thought a “virgin” was an unwed mother (taking Sunday School a little too literally, perhaps). </rant>

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We’re back! We had a blast whirlwind-ing our way through Virginia, with a highlight event being the wedding of John’s cousin Sara-Manson. She married Chad (an Australian by birth, now living in Indonesia by way of the U.S. and Dubai. An Ausdonericain? Something like that) on her parents’ farm, and it was one of the most stunning wedding backdrops I’ve ever seen!

There’s too much to catch up on to bother with making this three different posts, so let’s get it on:

Rehearsal Dinner

Friday night’s festivities were in Richmond (yay!), so we were able to catch up with some of our old peeps after the dinner wrapped up. It was a fabulous, festive event at Bank, with tons of toasts to the ridiculously cute and happy bride and groom (of whom I managed to snap no pictures that night, so here’s one of me and John. You’re welcome.)

And one of John and nephew Alex making a statement about how slowly the rest of us were following them back to the hotel. (This photo makes me all misty and nostalgic for my Richmond cobblestones!)

(Also, Cousin Bo: if you are at all squeamish about horse poo crumbs or hobo spit, you may want to have the blazer that John borrowed that evening dry-cleaned. Just sayin’.)


Saturday’s weather was dicey, but looked for a while like it was going to hold out. Which it did, until the minister was able to utter “…man and wife”, at which point the heavens opened and a torrential downpour commenced. It lasted just long enough to drench everyone as they left the church and made their way to the farm, but then it more or less held off for the rest of the evening.

Weather aside, it was just an absolutely beautiful reception! So quaint, and so special that it was right in Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bagley’s backyard. The barns were strung with lights, the buffet was stocked with fried chicken and deviled eggs, and we rested our jam-jar cocktails on top of old tobacco barrels serving as tables. The plus side to the moody weather was that it served as a dramatic backdrop to what I’m sure are some AMAZING photos. (Not mine, mind you – but the event photographer probably captured some real crackers!)

John with his brother Chuck, nephews Alex and Charlie, and cousin Bo:

“Recovery” Party

With “recovery” in quotes, because it was not that at all! I have conducted dozens of post-wedding recoveries, and they almost always involve lots of sleep, several ibuprofen, and a large Gatorade. This sham of a recovery event involved at least 4 kinds of pork, 6 different kinds of pound cake, 2 kegs, a guided tour of Lunenburg county, and a pint jar of moonshine. So, in other words, was awesome.

Here we are tucking into the lunch spread — with my plate thankfully shielded by a large hat (my plate was so unwieldily piled with food that the bride’s aunt shouted across the yard to make fun of me. I felt more pride than shame.)

Cousin Robbie Hawthorne (3rd cousin? Removed? Regardless, a Hawthorne) rounded up a few of us after lunch and piled us into his Excursion for a tour of the area. We ended up at a beautiful babbling stream known around those parts as The Rock.

The longer John Hawthorne remains in Lunenburg, the more he starts turning into Huck Finn. Here’s Huck posing with an Old Milwaukee tallboy beside Robbie’s awesome, homemade grill-trailer. He’s got a grill!

Here, Chad looks on lovingly as his blushing bride tips back a pint of ‘shine with Cousin Robbie. You can take the girl out of Virginia, but you’ll never take the Virginia out of the girl!

We made sure that all of the Dubai contingent and the rest of the internationals all got a sip of our local delicacy. We still wonder if they all got through customs in the UAE with the smell of White Lightning still lingering on their breath!

Our gracious luncheon hosts had welcomed us with these words: “Food’s inside, drinks’re oustide. Eat when ya’wanna eat, drink when ya’wanna drink. It’s gon’ be here til ya’eat it and ya’drink it.” We took them quite literally and stayed at “lunch” until 5pm. Thanks Billy, thanks Normadelle!

So all in all, an amazing weekend in a gorgeous setting, built around a happy and beautiful event. So, so glad that we were there to be a part of it!

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Detox Desperation

On Day #5 of our ridiculous detox, we went for a long hike and emerged from the woods absolutely ravenous. Desperate for a big pile of protein, we shamefully found ourselves at the takeout counter of Hooters placing an order for 3 baskets of steamed shrimp. Don’t judge!

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