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The Drakensberg

We’ve been lucky to make some great friends here in Durbs, and luckier still that some of them come with great perks like quaint mountain cottages!

Our friends Terry and Steph invited us up to their house in the Drakensberg mountains for the weekend, where we hiked, boated, swam, sunned, lounged, lawn-bowled, zip-lined, ate, drank, and even battled a baboon. An amazing time with awesome peeps! Check the slideshow for a full recap.

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Bowl On!

House? Check.
Car? Check.
Bowls club? CHECK!

NOW it can start feeling like home. Look out, Westville Country Club – the Hawthornes have arrived!

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After a massive cleanup effort (thanks S&S!!) and a few strategically timed naps, we did manage to make something out of the first day of 2010.

We spent the afternoon on the bowls pitch showing the Dohertys the ropes, then headed out to enjoy sunset cocktails and the amazing view from Salt restaurant, followed by dinner at Ginja. An impressive rally after a slow and rocky start to the year!

Passing along my marginal bowling skillz to Tune

The incredible sunset view over Bantry Bay from the balcony of Salt

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Roxy Had a Little Lamb

Sunday afternoon brought a birthday celebration at the Bowls Club (a 70th birthday party — we told you we’re among the youngest peeps that hang out there!), complete with a lamb spit-braai. Roxy worked her pug magic to earn several lamb scraps, including this awesome rib bone.

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Sweet Stuff: Pumpkin Pie

I was asked to pitch in a dessert for Christmas in August, so I went with good ol’ American-style pumpkin pie. Delicious! And really easy — I used this recipe, along with the crust that I learned last week. Though there is no canned pumpkin to be found here (still), so I made my own (also really easy — just steam cubed pumpkin chunks until soft, then mash). Served with fresh maple-bourbon whipped cream. YUM.


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Christmas in August

Sunday was the Bowls Club’s Christmas in August lunch. Christmas in July is a pretty widely celebrated occasion here, but in typical SA fashion we were a bit behind in the planning, so it turned out to be August. It’s normally a good opportunity for us northern hemispherians to celebrate Christmas in a familiarly cold and gloomy time of year, but the relentlessly gorgeous Cape Town weather delivered a bluebird 75-degree day instead.

We had turkey with all the trimmings, roast beef, more side dishes than I could count, and a stunning dessert buffet complete with a steamed Christmas pudding doused in brandy and set aflame! Properly stuffed, we headed outdoors for a rousing cornhole tournament and sipped the afternoon away.



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When George Met Betsy

Our American buddy Nate hosted an epic Independence Day party at the Bowls Club on July 4. Despite our exhaustion from the festivities of July 3, you know we can’t miss an opportunity to don wigs and black out some teef! I pulled a Scarlett O’Hara and ripped our American Flag down to transform into White Trash Betsy Ross. John took a more historical perspective, and fashioned himself into a Modern George Washington.

Go America!


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