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Oops, I Did it Again

Getting back into a blog groove is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be! Hold onto your hats — here begins a 5-week catchup (back-dated, so although this one will publish as October 27, today is actually November 30. Magic!)

To start things off with a bang (not really), I reorganized our spice drawer!! Nothing revolutionary, but I’m feeling pretty clever for finally standing the bottles on end after chasing rolling spices around a drawer for so many years. It could definitely be a bit snazzier if I didn’t have the handwriting of a serial killer, but you can’t win them all.

An offering to my inner nerd

An offering to my inner nerd. Note the roadside dried chilies sold in an old vodka traveler.


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Twas the Night Before

After braving the Christmas Eve crowds at the mall (to hit the grocery and liquor stores, of course, not to buy any presents!), we holed up in the house for a holiday feast / movie marathon (and of course, John’s annual Christmas-sweater-wearing).

Fellow expat orphan Andrew joined us for rare fillet, way too many drinks, and a Christmas Story / Elf double feature. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

JG + RP admire the Christmas tree while wearing their holiday best.


Three Wise Men (or 2 drunk Americans and 1 tipsy Brit)

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Curry Up

One of John’s Indian coworkers whipped up a proper curry feast at our house on Saturday. Better than anything we’ve had in a restaurant!




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Purchased for a total of $10 at a roadside stand near the turnoff to Swaziland:

  • 6 giant pineapples
  • a bag of 100+ green chiles
  • a bag of 100+ red chiles
  • 12 perfectly ripe avocados
  • a bag of mutantly large sweet potatoes
  • 12 oranges

The pecans (shown here is about 1% of our haul) were a gift from Cousin Friak, who farms them. We inherited some of his pecans last month from Liza and Dave, and did this with them. DELICIOUS!

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For some reason, I cannot make my dad’s famous North Carolina style pulled pork barbeque in South Africa. The first time I tried, I reduced the sauce by accident (editor’s note: my fault!) and dried out the meat, and subjected all of our Cape Town friends to the worst batch of ‘que I’ve ever had.

This time, the pork shoulder that I bought from the local butcher, which had been lovingly smoked in their smoke house and then cooked to perfection at our house all day on Sunday, turned out to be A HAM once I got into it.

The sauce smelled so damn good though, we couldn’t resist making up a batch of ham-a-cue. Salty, smoky, vinegary, and not near as bad as one would think. And LB made up a batch of amazing fresh cole slaw, so it wasn’t too shabby. We’ve got a ton of extra sauce, so this weekend will be round 3 – wish me luck at the butcher

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Blythedale Braai

You’ve all read about the term ‘braai’ by now – the catch-all equivalent to ‘barbecue’ back home.  Well this is how you do it!

Our temporary home by the beach has not one but two built in braais – one by the pool, and this one built into the wall outside the kitchen.  South Africans will scoff at my use of actual charcoal – they would use wood – but they would also typically burn the meat.  Here, they cook chicken “until it cracks!”

We used the braai on Saturday night for these lovely filets (pronounced in the british ‘fillit’) and again on Sunday for Catherine’s barbecued chicken – yum!

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