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Executive Retreat

John and his executive team went on an overnight team-building getaway to Greyton on Thursday. Here, John does some late night closed-eye ‘trust dancing’ with their VP of Cleaning. Businessy!

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The King Lives!

John’s company’s holiday party was Tuesday, with a theme of “dress in the decade when you were born”. So it was basically an 80’s party with a few of us fogies sporting 70’s gear. Real cool. (To be fair, there were a few 60’s and even a couple of 50’s present, so we weren’t the oldest).

John’s Elvis impersonation was a HIT!

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This is a great shot of some of my co-workers while filming a video for the company holiday party (which has a western theme in case you couldn’t tell).  Here you have a barmaid, a debutante, a sheriff, a priest, Zorro, and our Muslim head of IT that we turned into everyone’s favourite stereotype:  the Mexican bandito.  You should have heard his fake accent – classic! 

Who did I play you may ask?  Why everyone’s favourite Texas Ranger of course.  No, not Nolan Ryan – Chuck Norris.  A roundhouse is coming at your head right now for not knowing that.  (Thought you’d like that TF4!)magnificent7

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