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U2 and Us2

Thanks to the generosity of one of John’s clients, we rolled VIP style into the U2 concert in Johannesburg on Sunday. The show was absolutely incredible — made all the more so by John’s mouth-gaping wonder at finally being in the presence of one of his favorite bands of all time (did he tear up a bit during his college running anthem ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’? I’ll never tell!)

The concert was held at FNB Stadium, better known as “Soccer City”, the 95,000 seat venue that housed last year’s World Cup opening ceremonies and final match. What a stunning stadium! Having been to 3 World Cup stadia now, we both agree that Soccer City is the clear winner.

Self-portrait from our box seats - far from the stage, yes, but also far from the hour-long concession lines, a fair trade in my book.

Soccer City - designed to look like a certain traditional African pot. It sits in Jo'burg's Soweto township.

We had a good laugh at this dude who rode by on a party bus while we were waiting for the gates to open. Pressed ham!

Storming the gates with John's coworker Steve and his wife Tasha.

Closer shot of the lovely Soccer City.

The largest stage setup ever built! Absolutely mind-boggling in scale. The fans standing inside the outer ring had been in line since 6am (so about 15 hours by start time) in order to get into the "inner circle".

The concert sponsor, and our host for the evening, cell phone service provider 8ta. They're such a new client that their campaign with John's company hasn't even launched yet, so we were VERY lucky to score tickets through them!

No hour-long beer lines up in the sky box - simply tell the waiter what you want, and he'll bring it to your seat. Ridiculous!

Just havin' a good time with 95,000 of our friends.

The "claw" was a sort of pukey hospital-scrub color during daylight, but it transformed into an unearthly glowing sculpture after dark.

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The Drakensberg

We’ve been lucky to make some great friends here in Durbs, and luckier still that some of them come with great perks like quaint mountain cottages!

Our friends Terry and Steph invited us up to their house in the Drakensberg mountains for the weekend, where we hiked, boated, swam, sunned, lounged, lawn-bowled, zip-lined, ate, drank, and even battled a baboon. An amazing time with awesome peeps! Check the slideshow for a full recap.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click play to begin, and the arrows to navigate — or just click here to launch a full-size view of the album.

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The Horsey Set

First the races, and now a polo match. Seems that we have suddenly become horse people (or at least people who enjoy sipping cocktails in the sun while horse-related sports go on nearby).

Sunday, we took in the SA national polo team’s defeat of Chile. It was a gorgeous afternoon, so we packed up some ghetto Cubans and a bottle of bubbly and headed out to the Shongweni polo pitch about 20 minutes West of Durban.

Bubbles + ponies. A fine way to fritter away a Sunday.

What an amazing sport to watch! The precision involved in whacking a small white ball with a long stick while thundering along on a horse is just incredible.

Kinda like Julia Roberts in the famous polo scene from Pretty Woman. But more paper plate-y.

Heading out for some divot-stomping with Andrew.

Sun + bubbles = zzzzzz

Super-suave man enjoying a beautiful ending to a lovely afternoon.

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The Clever Shark

John went deep sea fishing with some boys on Sunday, and the only fish that anyone interacted with the whole day was this blue shark. Look at those cold, dead eyes!

It sounded like a miserable day, complete with seasickness and mild spinal injuries (we went to the chiropractor this morning and he’s feeling much better), and not a single bite of tuna to show for his trauma. Bah, humbug.

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Jimmy World Cup

Our friends Jared and Lindsay hold an annual wine-tasting contest every year with their families, named for Jared’s dad: The Jimmy Cup. In honor of their first Christmas away from Texas, they decided to hold a version here in Cape Town. We (of course, being us) suggested that it be a costume theme, and hence the Jimmy World Cup was born.

JG, Roxy and I represented Germany, with other people repping Mexico, China, the UK, Japan, Cuba, and the unanimous winner of the costume contest, North Korea’s own Kim Jong Il. I put up an astonishing second-place finish in the blind tasting, ultimately losing the cup to Cuba. Buncha Commies!

Heidi, Juanita, Johan, and Senor Guapo

Kim Jong Il, Kim Pug Il

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Put Some Snax in It

You wanted to see more of our daily life? Well, the hard truth is that we are NERDS.

Hawthorne Scrabble rules state that any word that exists in our world is playable. This one comes from a wrong-number text message I received back in Richmond (and which we quote all the time) (and which might make Foxy pee her pants): HEY GIRL, CAN U BRING ME MY BAG? AND PUT SOME SNAX IN IT. DIS KEISHA.

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We're on a Boat!

We took a very touristy, but very cool, sunset cruise out of the V&A waterfront on Friday evening. Champagne and yachts: that’s how the Culpeppers roll.


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Flower Power

We have family friends in town visiting (Mary Meade Winn and her childhood friend Marty Brown), who we escorted to the Darling Wildflower Show on Saturday. It’s a beautiful time of year to drive up the west coast, with daisies and calla lilles blooming everywhere. Calla lillies grow like weeds here alongside the road — locals call them “pig ears”.

MM and Marty were insistent on buying us a “little” something, so we got this insanely huge orchid plant. 31 blooms, almost 4 feet tall, destined to die a slow and painful death at the hands of the Hawthornes. John is in charge — I am not to touch it, nor even glance at it more than 1x/day. Maybe we can hire Frances to come tend it!


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Kapetown Kapetown

Richmonders will get it. OMG, do we miss this place! But with a grill pan, a baguette, and a bootlegged bottle of Sriracha, it’s almost as good. Though I would pay an obscene amount of money for a plate of tostones right about now! We can’t even find a plantain to fake it with.


Pressed cuban sandwich: ham (should be roasted pork, but we’re creatures of convenience), cheese, sliced pickles, mustard, pressed on fresh baguette. Unnggghhh!

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Springboks Win!

We were lucky to score two tickets to the South Africa – Australia rugby match on Saturday. It was a huge game – part of the Tri-Nations series, so the fans were absolutely rabid.

We bought jerseys, tailgated beforehand, had a friend sit with us to explain the game, grilled out (braaied) afteraward… a great day! I think it helped take the edge off of John’s sorrow over missing yet another VT football season.

Despite her awesome game-day gear, Roxy didn’t score a ticket to this one.





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