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El Milagro

Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams rolled into town again this year, so we made a repeat visit. We all agreed the acts weren’t quite up to 2011’s standard, but it was still pretty cool to see the feats of strength and bendiness. My vote for best of the night was the trio of buff, bald Russian dudes who did a kind of slow-motion super-strong acrobat type act. Guess you had to be there!

With Steph, Lisa, Claire, and an Elvis-wigged Terry


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Sausage Stuffing

Check this awesome display of plushie charcuterie! Spotted at Craft Trattoria (whose awesome interior design – a rarity in Durbs – got our hopes up, but the food didn’t deliver.) Still, stuffed pork?! Want.

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A Right Royal Affair

Saturday was the 115th running of the Durban July  horse race, and the 2nd consecutive running for the Hawthornes. This year’s theme was “A Right Royal Affair”, so we did our best to dazzle the crowds with our royal fashion and regal bearing.

Ginger / Spice

My DIY fascinator, which prompted one jerk-face to ask me if I had 'lost a bet'. Harrumph! Regardless, I thought it rocked.

Not to be outdone, Johnny G sported the Union Jack on his head. Pip, pip!

It was a(nother) perfect Durban winter day at the racecourse, which is right in the middle of the city. Beautiful!

We were in an awesome corporate box this year, on the second level of the grandstands with a great view of the entire track -- but we still wandered down to the rail for a bit to mingle with the hoipolloi and check out some races up close.

Nikki and I still looked surprisingly perky as we waited for our driver to pick us up. Our husbands, on the other hand... (*Out of kindness to said husbands, there will be no 'other hand' shown here.)

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Quest, Finished

I really shouldn’t post this immediately after the Seabelle item, lest you think that Durban is totally tacky and lame, but I have a journalistic duty to report news of what we’ve been up to.

Saturday morning found us at The Food Market, a 1x/month market that we’ve been meaning to get to since we first moved here. It was our last great hope for a Biscuit Mill knockoff, and I can safely say that the search is over. Cue trombone: whomp, whomp.

If the Biscuit Mill is for hipsters, The Food Market is for oldsters. And while we may not be exactly hip, we’re also not ready to be old! It was a fun field trip for a Saturday morning, and we’ll definitely be back … in 40 years.

Despite the lack of ambience, I'd give the food a 7 out of 10. We had this potato rosti topped with a fried egg and 2 porks (and also a spanakopita and a meat pie, but who's counting?!).

An open table (in sharp contrast to the Bisc Mill!), a group of blue-hairs, and a jazz combo. Geriatr'rific!

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I may have mentioned before that Durban has a bit of a different style than Cape Town. We actually find it very endearing, and sort of a metaphor for the Durban attitude – which is ridiculously casual, and totally substance over style.

Case in point: the Seabelle restaurant. Great, authentic curries served in a seriously wackadoo environment. Glittered styrofoam letters (our favorite set being “CURRIES!” over the door to the bathroom), dolphin wallpaper, three-wolf-moon tapestries, christmas lights, world flags, animal murals, sticky plastic tablecloths, bright fluorescent lighting… like I said, wackadoo. But also oddly charming.

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Know Your O’s

So, this will be very hard for our American readers to understand, but there’s a whole brand of socially acceptable racial stereotyping native to Durban. Seriously, people here use these terms broadly, and it’s not racist in any way — even when used by people outside of the groups being described. People at my work use them every day to describe themselves and each other.

In no certain order, the KZN racial slang goes something like this: (The ‘o’ is short for ‘oke’ or the SA slang for ‘guy’, short for – and rhyming with – the English ‘bloke’):

Charo – any person of Indian origin
Breado – Hindi person
Porridgeo – Tamil person
Slumo – Muslim person
Wito – a White person (pronounce with the Afrikaans W, which sounds like a V – so, Vito)
Bruino – a colored person

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Sunday afternoon: in the park with a bottle of bubbles to watch Goldfish. (The band, not the fish.) Sunday!!

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