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Prawn(less) Shak

Field trip! We headed up the North coast to a randomly located bush/beach bar called the Prawn Shak. I call it a ‘bar’ rather than a restaurant, because there was so little food! All the more room for drinks, as it turns out.

Johnny has been wanting to go check it out for ages, so we’ve had plenty of time to imagine the piles and piles of prawns that would be found at a so-named establishment. And although the Shak does serve up a 7-course lunch over the course of about 5 hours, the prawns were few and far between. In fact, I think it was about 14 bites of food total over the course of the day! Regardless, a great time was had by all, and we’ll be back again for the ambience — with some snacks in my purse!

The view from our table. There’s a “group walk” to the beach between courses 4 and 5, but we couldn’t be bothered.

The greatest mug of all time!

LB + JG at the PS

I did not partake (you can guess who did), but one of the prawny offerings is a tequila shot with a live baby prawn (or two) in it. Down the hatch!

An end of day swing on the bar-swings with Steph and our favorite mug (which may have come home with us – shhhh)




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Add to the list of things you can buy on the side of the highway here: giant mushrooms (of the edible, not hallucinogenic, variety). They’re called Makowe, and they grow wild – and basically overnight – in the sugarcane fields after lightning storms. Sounds crazy, but even National Geographic concurs.

We bought some on the way out of town with Steph and Terry (it’s always handy to have a Zulu translator when you’re haggling over highway produce), and cooked them up with our steak ‘n grits ‘n eggs feast the next morning. [update: It’s been 10 days now, and we’re all still alive.]

Workin’ the window at the shroom-thru

Giant mushrooms ready to hit the grill! They weren’t life-changing, but anything with that much butter and cheese has to be at least pretty good.


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Life of Leisure

Back to Leisure* Bay for another fabulous weekend at our friend Ed’s beach house! The weather wasn’t ideal, so we focused more on the leisure and less on the bay.

* rhymes with “pleasure” here – a pronunciation difference that I actually like! Say it out loud – it just sounds softer and more leisurely, doesn’t it?

JG and I put on a fabulous spread for breakfast, including biscuits, sausage (homemade, since “breakfast sausage” isn’t a thing here), hash browns, eggs, and an enormous pot of cheese grits that spanned the entire weekend.

Roxy spent the entire weekend sleeping on/under our fellow houseguests. Clockwise from top: John, Tash, Tyson (I love that she has one foot tucked under her Cocker Spaniel boyfriend), Jaime

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A Toast

His & Hers breakfast: peanut butter, honey & seeds for JG / avocado, cottage cheese & seeds for Lizzy. Delicioso!

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Rewind: February

A few highlights from February included…

  • A totally rad 80’s concert at the rugby stadium. Durban is the butt of all concert venue jokes in SA – if any big names do decide to play here, they inevitably end up canceling due to poor ticket sales. I think it may be that Durbanites are sooooo laid back that they can’t even be bothered to plan ahead by committing to a ticket purchase. I can’t say we’re any different – we only decided to go the day before the concert when we got a phone call that a friend had free box tickets.
    And we’re so glad we went! The concert ruled. The headliner was Rick Astley, and the lineup also featured Spandau Ballet, Howard Jones, Ultravox, Soft Cell, and (the original) Village People! It’s so typically Durban that no one will come out to see a currently relevant band, but turned out in droves for a bunch of has-beens. The people-watching was second to none!
  • Our first trip to the legendary Max’s restaurant in Umlazi township. Think Mzoli’s, but slightly cleaner and built of actual construction materials rather than scraps of old billboards. The food was incredible, and they one-upped Mzoli’s by supplying us with a communal steak knife! Max’s is the place in Umlazi to see and be seen on a Sunday afternoon, so there was much more world-class people-watching.
  • A failed attempt at organizing a bar crawl through Umhlanga. Everyone dropped out at the last minute, so we headed out with Roxy and hit every bar that would allow her in! (Which was 3. We were home by 8pm. Bar crawl fail.)
  • Our second Zulu wedding, this time one of JG’s coworkers. This one didn’t include the traditional ceremony, so it was really just a standard Western wedding that happened to be conducted in Zulu. Lovely!
  • The birth of our adorable baby cousin McKayla-Grace, born to Sara-Manson and Chad in the Bahamas! She is painfully cute, a trick ginger, and will have more stamps in her passport by the time she can walk than I will probably acquire in my whole life. Welcome, McG!

Rockin’ it for the 80’s concert. Sadly, everything except John’s pants and my sunglasses are actually part of our regular wardrobes.

The ladies feeling a little bit sweaty after pigging out at Max’s on a 90-degree day.

Stopping off for a cold one at Box Bar

Hello, Baby McKayla-Grace!

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Oh, Boloney

This is possibly the worst-quality photo ever published on the blog, but it’s clear enough to get across the horrifying idea, which is recipe for Boloney and Hot Dog Curry. Sure, go ahead and fancy it up by calling it Poloney and Vienna if you want to, but we all know what’s underneath. *Shiver*

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Sausage Stuffing

Check this awesome display of plushie charcuterie! Spotted at Craft Trattoria (whose awesome interior design – a rarity in Durbs – got our hopes up, but the food didn’t deliver.) Still, stuffed pork?! Want.

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I celebrated an incredible birthday on Sunday, filled with flowers and friends and maybe just a few recovery cocktails.

I’m so thankful for everything that’s happened in the last year — especially having made so many great friends. (A studied contrast to last year’s birthday when I went to dinner with John … and Roxy. Seriously – how cute is it that he called the restaurant to ask if we could bring our dog because we had just moved to town and his wife was sad that she didn’t have any friends?!) Anyway, a great day, all around!

The day started with a bit of toast -- keeping it light in preparation for the cheeseburger I had my sights set on for lunch!

Champagne + multiple sets of flowers. So spoiled!

We had 8 peeps for a lovely al fresco lunch. And I got my cheeseburger!

"Lunch" spanned 7 hours and 2 tables, as the chilly evening drove us inside (what, you think we'd take a cue and leave?! Never!)

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Quest, Finished

I really shouldn’t post this immediately after the Seabelle item, lest you think that Durban is totally tacky and lame, but I have a journalistic duty to report news of what we’ve been up to.

Saturday morning found us at The Food Market, a 1x/month market that we’ve been meaning to get to since we first moved here. It was our last great hope for a Biscuit Mill knockoff, and I can safely say that the search is over. Cue trombone: whomp, whomp.

If the Biscuit Mill is for hipsters, The Food Market is for oldsters. And while we may not be exactly hip, we’re also not ready to be old! It was a fun field trip for a Saturday morning, and we’ll definitely be back … in 40 years.

Despite the lack of ambience, I'd give the food a 7 out of 10. We had this potato rosti topped with a fried egg and 2 porks (and also a spanakopita and a meat pie, but who's counting?!).

An open table (in sharp contrast to the Bisc Mill!), a group of blue-hairs, and a jazz combo. Geriatr'rific!

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I may have mentioned before that Durban has a bit of a different style than Cape Town. We actually find it very endearing, and sort of a metaphor for the Durban attitude – which is ridiculously casual, and totally substance over style.

Case in point: the Seabelle restaurant. Great, authentic curries served in a seriously wackadoo environment. Glittered styrofoam letters (our favorite set being “CURRIES!” over the door to the bathroom), dolphin wallpaper, three-wolf-moon tapestries, christmas lights, world flags, animal murals, sticky plastic tablecloths, bright fluorescent lighting… like I said, wackadoo. But also oddly charming.

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