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Halloween seems to finally be catching on in SA, and our neighborhood was no exception! The homeowner’s association put on an organized walk-around, and told us there would be about 35 kids. I don’t know if they mis-counted, or we had some gate-crashers, or if it just seemed like 200 kids in the chaotic candy-grabbing, but we were overrun! I manned the door with our 3 bags of candy while John ransacked the pantry for anything remotely sweet (including a giant tray of fancy Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which made the trick-or-treaters QUITE happy).

Ghosts and witches and goblins, oh my!

Ghosts and witches and goblins, oh my!


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Ding Dong

Our odd 2-front-door setup meant that we were having an issue with people knocking on the street-level door and us not hearing them upstairs. The solution? A wireless doorbell! Who knew?

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Beware of Dog

You’ve been warned.

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House Tour #3

Welcome to our new house! The only item lost in the trade was the ocean view, but we’re still all of 2 minutes from the beach. We’re absolutely loving the new place, and hope to see you here soon!

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Pool Babes

My 2 ladies…

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Paddy O’Furniture

With the recent hot days and good porch-sittin’ evenings, we finally broke down and headed to Makro (SA’s version of Costco) for a cheapie set of outdoor furniture. Not much to look at, but it’s comfy as heck and the table holds up a beer quite nicely. What more do you need?!

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You know what they say: if you want something done right, do it yourself! Our first CHALKIE, Savor was awesome, but after it languished on the wall for more than 3 months, I was ready for something new. Since no other artists had been commissioned by my partner in this project (*cough*JohnHawthorne*cough*), I decided to take another turn.

Behold: Pig. If you know us at all, there’s not much explanation required. You’re talking to a girl who routinely slips bacon fat into cookies, so you know we’re big on the pig ’round here.

Weeee! Weeee! Weeee!


I'm loving the look of the canvas now that it has some old chalk washed across it, and that you can still see the ghost of Savor underneath.


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