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Back in Bizness

And just like that (a mere 9 months since our last post) we’re back! I’m not making any promises about frequency, but I think I’m ready to start posting again. I’ve missed having this little reference manual about our life — and frankly, I’ve become a terrible historian without Durban Fervor to keep me on-task.

In most years, we snap anywhere from 5-8,000 photos. Since shuttering the blog in October? 688. I can’t count how many times I’ve dragged the camera around at an event and not taken a single shot. Or how many times we’ve gone somewhere cool without bothering to take a camera with us at all!

But I’m ready to be my own paparazzi again — this time armed with a shiny new iPhone so that I will always have a fantastic camera in my pocket. Say cheese, y’all — we’re back!

Despite the radio silence, it’s been business as usual around here! (Leisure Bay, June 2012)


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