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Monkey Crossing

This sign on our street should probably have tipped us off about the furry thug element in our ‘hood.


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Don’t Feed the Animals

These shots are of our new neighbor and her daughter throwing / handing slices of sandwich bread out a ground-level window to a dozen overexcited monkeys. Natural selection at work?

That big male on the right isn't doing a playful "downward dog" move - he is coiled like a spring to hurl himself the next time the window opens. I eventually couldn't watch anymore.

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Monkey Season

This is the time of year that the Vervets come out in full force, which means 31% more monkey-in-house incidents, and 67% more Pug anxiety.

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The Monkey House

It’s taken me a full week to get around to posting this, but we had a big “first” around here last Thursday: our first MONKEY IN THE HOUSE incident. I was too busy wigging out to capture anything on film, so here’s a helpful Family Circus-style illustration to show the monkey’s shenanigans.

He came in through an open window in the scullery, hopped up on the counter to grab an apple, then up on top of the cabinets to have his snack. Fortunately, it was Joyce’s (housekeeper) day to be here, so she spotted him first and shooed him back out the window before I had a full-on heart attack.

Fierce guard dog? Napped through the whole thing.

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Monkey Bidness

Saturday afternoon was prime monkey-watching at our house, as the local Vervet troop stopped by our grenadilla tree for a quick snack. The smaller the monkey, the more fearless (stupid?) when it comes to leaping willy-nilly from one spindly branch to the next.

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