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Final Mo-Repo

Ahh, the best-laid plans. When the mo-stache was nothing but a bunch of ginger seedlings waiting to sprout on Johnny’s upper lip, I was already plotting the awesome time-lapse video I was going to make. I diligently lined him up against a blank wall every day, carefully adding to my Photoshop file to make sure his face lined up just so.

And then? Then Virginia happened. With all the eating! All the coughing! All the not sleeping! All the eating! We got off track and only took 4 mo-shots the whole time.

So I didn’t waste my time making an awesome video that would have fizzled out for the final 2/3 of the show. But here’s a slideshow following the progress up until November 25, though the mo stuck around until December 4 — see the Miss America post for the final glimpse.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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The Mid-Mo-Mo-Pro-Repo

Time for the Mid Month Moustache Progress Report:

He's adapted the main Movember rule (shaving all but the Mo) to mean that he just trims the rest of his face on the lowest electric trimmer setting, since the razor burn on his neck from that first shave made it look like he had been attacked by a rusty hatchet.

Overall, it’s coming in nicely! The fact that he’s a ginger-beard means that his Mo (at this stage, anyway) doesn’t have the high contrast that a lot of them do. We’ll try to post a Guest-Mo this week of John’s coworker Steve, who already looks like either a State Police or someone who would be arrested by one.

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Sauvignon Blah

It turns out that John’s nose for fine wine is entirely dependent on the smell molecules being filtered through his mustache.

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The Mo-stache is coming along nicely.

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I haven’t scraped a razor across my face in over 15 years. Until today.

I am participating in my first Movember, a charity event raising money for cancer and men’s health where participants (known as Mo-bros) shave their faces on Nov. 1 and spend the rest of the month growing a glorious ‘stache.

Yes, you read the beginning of this post right – it’s been somewhere between 15 and 18 years since I last shaved. That means that I went longer from my last shave until now, than from birth until my first shave.

My wife hasn’t seen me clean shaven… ever, and now she just giggles when she looks at me. My dog barked at me this morning, and my face looks a hell of a lot older than the last time I saw it without a beard. But it’s all worth it for the cause!

I welcome all men who read the blog to join me in the cause and become a Mo-bro for the month! I’ll keep my moustache progress updated here – wish me luck… and fast growth!




*Please keep the “Ron Howard” comments to a minimum – whether Opie or Richie related.

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