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House Tour #3

Welcome to our new house! The only item lost in the trade was the ocean view, but we’re still all of 2 minutes from the beach. We’re absolutely loving the new place, and hope to see you here soon!

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The Suitcase Life

Unpacked from Indonesia just in time to pack everything for our move, then unpacked into the new house just in time to pack up for a quick trip to Virginia to help my parents pack and then unpack into their new condo. Dizzy yet? I am. Hope to see you back here later this month, with an eventual wrapup of the Indo trip and a return to normal content and regular posting!

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Puttin’ On The Moves

We’re at it again! This time, just down the road into a slightly smaller place. You know you have too much house when you realize that you own a toilet you’ve never even used. Back with more, soon!

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8 months, 15 trips by Lizzy to the passport agency, and a Home Affairs strike later, and we have our new Visas! I cant tell you how good it feels to be back in possession of our passports and to be legally working in the country again.

And I didn’t even have to sign anything saying how I would financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically support my wife this time – muahahahaha! (Editor’s note: all previously signed paperwork conveyed with our new file. And for that, you may have to support me a new pair of shoes.)

post title in homage to the greatest Genesis song ever

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We’re finally trading in some of our moving boxes for actual furniture. First up, a dining table and 8 chairs — scored for a hot deal at the scratch-n-dent outlet of one of our favorite furniture stores. It’s starting to look like grownups live here, and not frat boys.

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We’ve Landed!

After much searching, and too many pink bidets*, we’ve finally moved into a new house! More pictures to follow, but it’s a lovely, open-plan, modern, 3-bedroom house in a beach suburb (10 minutes north of Durban) called Umhlanga (oom-SHLONG-uh) (no tittering, children – I was only trying to help you with your pronunciation).

After a month of suitcases and guest rooms, we’re finally unpacked and more or less settled in, and ready to get to know our new neighborhood, find some new friends, and get on with life! Hope to see you here.

*not to worry, Mrs. Patel’s was the only pink bidet we encountered. But it came to be a symbol for all of the fugly houses that we sifted through before landing in this one.

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Harlow Manor

These are our temporary digs while we search (and search, and search) for the perfect house to rent. The hour commute into town is getting old, but there are certainly worse situations than being ‘homeless’ with a view of the Indian Ocean.

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Jazz Attack

I swear, we didn’t even ASK for it this time. We are simply at one with the Honda Jazz.

Don’t adjust your sets – she is, in fact, purple.

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