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Buenos Cape Town

I am not the daring one in my group of old friends, as far as international moves go. That title would belong to my friend Beth, who has lived in Mexico City, Sri Lanka, and now Buenos Aires — the last two locations with 3 kids in tow! Her husband Jake is with the State Department, so they’ve had some cool opportunities to globe-hop when not living in their home base in Georgetown, DC.

I had met her twin boys Nick and Henry, now five, when they were tiny (so tiny, if I recall, that I accidentally let one of them topple over like a weeble-wobble. What?! You know I don’t know anything about babies!) But I had never met Olivia, who is three — which is the exact age where Beth and I became friends!

So it was a fabulous weekend of getting to know the three new little people, hanging out with Jake, and reconnecting with one of my oldest longest-known buddies. And man, are those kids portable! They happily went everywhere we did – including out to dinner at a fairly swanky spot at 8pm, and (of course) to a couple of wineries. Thanks for visiting, App family!

[Despite my promises to take tons of pics on my fancy new phone, I failed this weekend. Hopefully the official photographer of the trip will have more to share when they finish up their safari and head back to BA later this week…]

Family photo at Groot Constantia winery. Photo setup was like herding cats! Hopefully the official shot (the camera that Jake and Henry are looking at) turned out better.

Me and Beth, with Lion’s Head in the background – which the entire family hiked earlier that day!

Nick, Olivia, and Henry on what was deemed “the beach of a million shells”, which was probably down to about 950,000 by the time these three were done with it. I can only imagine what the family luggage must smell like by now!

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Prawn(less) Shak

Field trip! We headed up the North coast to a randomly located bush/beach bar called the Prawn Shak. I call it a ‘bar’ rather than a restaurant, because there was so little food! All the more room for drinks, as it turns out.

Johnny has been wanting to go check it out for ages, so we’ve had plenty of time to imagine the piles and piles of prawns that would be found at a so-named establishment. And although the Shak does serve up a 7-course lunch over the course of about 5 hours, the prawns were few and far between. In fact, I think it was about 14 bites of food total over the course of the day! Regardless, a great time was had by all, and we’ll be back again for the ambience — with some snacks in my purse!

The view from our table. There’s a “group walk” to the beach between courses 4 and 5, but we couldn’t be bothered.

The greatest mug of all time!

LB + JG at the PS

I did not partake (you can guess who did), but one of the prawny offerings is a tequila shot with a live baby prawn (or two) in it. Down the hatch!

An end of day swing on the bar-swings with Steph and our favorite mug (which may have come home with us – shhhh)




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Dr. Dish

There’s no such thing as cable TV in Africa — it’s all satellite. When our dish recently got slightly out of alignment (I’m blaming the monkeys), the dreamy Dr. Dish (a.k.a. our buddy Phil) graciously made a house call. We may have a random assortment of friends, but it always pays off when we need a car fixed, an industrial tank sourced, our DNA analyzed, a case of wine discounted, an ocean shipment sent, or a satellite dish tuned up. Thanks, Dr. Dish!

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Minute to Win it

The travel wrap-up really counts as the rewind post for August, since the trip and the recovery took up most of the month, but I do need to pop back in time for one more post…

The day that the Chucks arrived was our friend Steph’s birthday – a big one, ending in “0”, so it definitely warranted a celebration! She requested a “Minute to Win it” themed party, and that’s exactly what Terry delivered. (They were kind enough to hold the party during the day so that we could attend prior to our airport run).

If you haven’t seen the game show (hosted by loud Food Network star Guy Fieri), it’s a series of challenges based on household items (rolling a marble on a tennis racket, building a tower of hex nuts with a chopstick, wiggling an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, etc) which you perform up against a 60-second timer. So we set up a series of games around their backyard and turned the peeps loose!

It was hilarious to watch — especially the challenge that had players dangle a banana from a string tied around their waist and use it to push/roll two oranges into a target zone. It was a bit more pelvic thrusting than I’m accustomed to on a Saturday afternoon, but awesome to see everyone get so into the spirit of things.


Master of Ceremonies Guy Fieri (with a ton of silver hairspray – Johnny may be going gray, but not this quickly)!


JG and Steph show off their skillful banana maneuvers

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And the Rest of It

Uncle! Uncle! I give up. Two weeks behind on the blog? How did that happen?! Easy: too much fun, two sets of visitors, a nasty respiratory infection (directly related to the excess of fun), and an overall lack of time. So please forgive me as I put up a few lamely-described highlights of the last 14 days:

  • We took the boys (including Johnny, who hadn’t been yet) on the hippo and croc cruise at St. Lucia Wetlands
  • JG and the boys went for a tour of Victoria Market with affable tour guide Terry
  • Paul and Addie flew up from Cape Town for a long weekend! They had fallen under Devin’s and Tyler’s charms during their last visit, so wanted to come up to hang out while the boys were here.
  • We all headed up to the Midlands for a night, and then for a day of poking around at the little markets and shops and cheeseries scattered around the area.
  • We all (with Paul and Addie, too) went to Steph and Terry’s cottage in the Drakensberg for the weekend, complete with a road trip to Injisuthi for the day
  • Johnny coincidentally had a client conference starting on Sunday, at a hotel approximately 100 meters from the cottage — so he passed the boys off as “American consultants” and took them to the outrageous kickoff party that night! (I stayed back at the cottage to nurse my terrible cold).
  • We put Tyler on a plane on Monday, then had a couple of days of downtime before Devin headed off to Mozambique with Terry. We were so psyched that he got to see the country through the same lens that we did, and to meet all of the amazing people in Terry and Steph’s village. And because they are Devin and Terry, they totally hit it off and had an absolute blast!!
They returned from Mozam yesterday afternoon, and we’re just enjoying a couple of final (and relatively quiet) days with Devin before we put him on a plane Thursday night. Back to regular blogging soon!

Devin gets to know some goats at the Swissland cheesery in the Midlands. I was a terrible historian for most of their trip - this is one of my only photos beyond the Oribi Gorge day!

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Something Old, Something New

It’s always gratifying to see your old friends totally hit it off with your new friends.

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Look Who’s Here!

You know we love a repeat customer (though with pants this time)…

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Mozzie Boyz

Look who’s here visiting: Wilson and Bush, from Mozambique!

Cookin' up a delicious spread with Terry

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The only thing better than a birthday is a birthweek! My friends who couldn’t make it to my birthday lunch (which we admittedly didn’t organize very well in advance) threw me a surprise braai on Friday, complete with this stunning and delicious Bar One cheesecake. Thanks, ladies!

A birthday cake that I didn't make? Yes, please!

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Beach Breakfast

Sunday, we braved a typical Durban winter day to enjoy breakfast on the beach for Lucie’s birthday – gorging on popovers and croissants while the 6 (six!) dogs romped around in the sand. Sunday!!

The birthday girl entertains the crowd with a ... surfing story?

Lucie was smart enough to bring fresh bones to share with all the doggies so the rest of us could enjoy our breakfast in peace

Ollie, bless his heart, hasn’t quite mastered the whole play-fighting thing. It looks like he’s about to sink his fangs into Roxy’s face here… but sadly, that’s just his play-face. He keeps his mouth wide open as though he’s about to give a vicious bite, but never closes his teeth together. He just sort of throws his teeth at his ‘victim’ – very cute, but not very effective. He’ll get the hang of it (and meanwhile, is endlessly entertaining)!


This photo also illustrates how - with the entire expanse of the Indian Ocean coastline on which to play - these two wanted to be nowhere but right in my lap. (Which I secretly loved.)

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