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Oops, I Did it Again

Getting back into a blog groove is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be! Hold onto your hats — here begins a 5-week catchup (back-dated, so although this one will publish as October 27, today is actually November 30. Magic!)

To start things off with a bang (not really), I reorganized our spice drawer!! Nothing revolutionary, but I’m feeling pretty clever for finally standing the bottles on end after chasing rolling spices around a drawer for so many years. It could definitely be a bit snazzier if I didn’t have the handwriting of a serial killer, but you can’t win them all.

An offering to my inner nerd

An offering to my inner nerd. Note the roadside dried chilies sold in an old vodka traveler.

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Avenue Queue

Is this a thing in the US? I loooove that most of our grocery stores have one single line for all of the registers — once you get to the front, there’s a digital sign (or sometimes an employee) directing you to the next available cashier. As someone who otherwise always picks the slowest lane, I adore this system! Though I can see the drawback if you had kids, since this also means that the candy aisle is about 15 meters long…

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Rear View

A few random things spotted on cars around town (the “ZN” indicates our province):

  1. “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” – Ricky Bobby
  2. I didn’t see the driver, but she better be smokin’ hot!
  3. Definitely the first UVA sticker I’ve ever seen in Africa.

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Old News

Among many other random treasures unearthed in my parents move was a stack of vintage newspapers, this one from the day after Abe Lincoln was shot.

A 146-year-old newspaper!

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All That Jazz

That’s right: the universe has brought us together with yet another electric blue Honda Jazz. Come with us on a walk down Memory JazzLane:

Jazzy 1

Jazzy 2

Jazzy 3


Consider this also a sneak preview of our new house tour, coming later this week! (The Audi was just in the shop for a couple of days for her 90,000km overhaul - and when you only have one car, this is what you do.)

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Spotted in the parking lot of Valley View Mall when we were in Roanoke!

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Hot Wheels

John stumbled across this riveting street performer doing “bike stunts” while balancing between 2 chairs. I think the Knievel dynasty remains safe.

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