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Bye Bye American Ty

Roxy has been in a funk since the departure of her doggy boyfriend Tyson. His parents, Jaime and Langa, are moving to the US at the end of December, so Tyson hopped a plane to head to Jaime’s parents’ house in upstate NY.

He may have found a fun new hobby in chasing the neighborhood deer, but he’s sadly missed by the little lovelorn Pug.

Living life pug-style

Living life pug-style

Roxy checks to see if there is room in Ty's travel crate for her to stow away.

Roxy checks to see if there is room in Ty’s travel crate for her to stow away (and thinks better of it when she realizes that both of those buckets are only for water, not food).


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Pug Shot

A quick Roxy interlude to brighten your day!

She popped this pose all by herself – I just put my hand there to keep her from rolling off of the bench. So dainty.

She's a lady, whoa-whoa-whoa, she's a lady...

She’s a lady, whoa-whoa-whoa, she’s a lady…

This is Rox’s latest preferred sofa position – draped around someone’s neck. Takes me back to her puppy days, when she used to ride like that in the car. (Sigh, they grow up so fast!)

Neck roll!

Neck roll!

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Brave Pug

Just a checkup, not a ridiculous emergency.

She got a rawhide bone for exceptional bravery (note the curled tail – a rare sighting at the vet!)

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Life of Leisure

Back to Leisure* Bay for another fabulous weekend at our friend Ed’s beach house! The weather wasn’t ideal, so we focused more on the leisure and less on the bay.

* rhymes with “pleasure” here – a pronunciation difference that I actually like! Say it out loud – it just sounds softer and more leisurely, doesn’t it?

JG and I put on a fabulous spread for breakfast, including biscuits, sausage (homemade, since “breakfast sausage” isn’t a thing here), hash browns, eggs, and an enormous pot of cheese grits that spanned the entire weekend.

Roxy spent the entire weekend sleeping on/under our fellow houseguests. Clockwise from top: John, Tash, Tyson (I love that she has one foot tucked under her Cocker Spaniel boyfriend), Jaime

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I need to put this rewind on fast-forward! I’m finally taking photos again, but I’m determined to get caught up on the missing months before I start blogging in real-time again. (What, you thought this blog was for you?)

March: month of dam trips, birthdays, and soap-eating. Read on.

We took two weekend trips to different parts of the same lake: Albert Falls Dam. Only about an hour away; a game reserve, so there may be zebras drinking out of the lake next to where you launch your boat; and always fun to get away with the peeps.

Simpsons clouds on a perfect day at Albert Falls

We celebrated Johnny G’s birthday a few times. Once at dinner at a tasty Cuban steakhouse (with a group including the dearly departed Moffitts, sniff sniff), and once with a redo of the Beer Olympics! A huge hit again in its second year, we had representatives from Sweden, Mozambique, India, two different teams from the country of Hawaii (??), and the fan favorite Somali Pirates.

Celebrating JG’s birthday like grownups…

…and like kids. Viva Germany!

I made a pretty stellar cake for a friend’s daughter’s 18th birthday:

Possibly the most humid day of the year in Durban – it was a battle to keep the frosting from sliding into a swirly blue puddle.

And finally, what would March be without a Pug-bingeing incident? We’ve been vigilant about keeping food out of her reach, so she resorted to this instead:

Yes, that’s a bar of SOAP. Words fail me.

March, out (like a lamb)!


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Rewind: December

Ahhh, December. How did we spend the holiday season in 2011? We…

  • Attended our first Zulu wedding, complete with the “white wedding” at a scenic mountain lodge in the morning, followed that afternoon/evening/night by the traditional tribal bit at the groom’s home in Umlazi township. Total fun, and a cool glimpse into a different culture.
  • Spent Christmas in the Drakensberg with Steph and Terry’s wild and wonderful family. While by no means cold, it’s at least a bit cool-ish in the mountains, so easier for a Virginian to pretend that it’s proper Christmas weather! Great times, and always a treat to be so warmly embraced by our adoptive family when we’re so far away from our own.
  • Did quite a bit of hanging out in and around the pool and yard. Lame? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.
  • Nursed Roxy through another of her idiotic food binges: this time, it was approximately 2 pounds of Christmas cookies I had baked to give to friends (and not just any old cookie — those super rich, super dense “magic cookie bars” smothered in sweetened condensed milk). It was an AWFUL day for everyone involved (thanks Steph, thanks Jaime!)
  • Hosted some friends from Cape Town for a quick visit (Simon of Alphabetical and &Union fame, and his girl Gabby)
  • Had a low-key NYE at home with a few friends and a lot of homemade pizza

And possibly my favorite part of December this year… We decided that instead of sending gifts to our niece and nephews, we would pack up 6 boxes of food, toys, school supplies, and toiletries to send to the kids we got to know when we were in Mozambique. I drew up a short questionnaire for our niecephews about their favorite stuff like sports and school subjects and toys, had them fill in the answers, and then printed each out along with a photo. The six boxes were stuffed with canned goods, soap, toothpaste, stickers, balls, games, pencils, notebooks, and all kinds of other goodies, and also a photo and info about the kid the box was “from”.

Steph and Terry delivered the boxes during their post-holiday trip to Mozambique, and reported that the boxes were an absolute smash! Christmas in Moz (in poverty-stricken Inharrime, anyway) is a day for spending time with family and celebrating with a special meal (they may splurge on a chicken), but gifts don’t really come into play. So for 6 kids to receive 6 boxes of stuff? Pretty exciting.

I got Steph to help the kids fill out the same questionnaire that the American kids had done, and then shared the results. It was humbling, to say the least. Favorite toy for 4 of the 6 Moz kids was “a ball”. Mae’s most prized possession is “my shoes”. Favorite meal for most of them: “chicken”. Anyway, it was a fun project, and really helped to put us in the holiday spirit. If S&T are willing to lug 6 huge boxes through 4 border crossings again, we’ll have a re-do for 2012!

December, out!

Champ and Zasembo tie the knot!

At the township party with my new BFF Benathi – who later styled my hair for me, and when I asked how it looked, she said “Pretty good – but it’ll never look as good as mine”. Truth!

Johnny shares his holiday sweaters during Christmas in the Berg with the Gersbanks

Christmas afternoon cocktails at the Moffitts

Chillin’ by the pool on Boxing Day

Roxy’s belly after ingesting 2 pounds of cookies

Doing what we do best with Simon and Gabs

Mae, Olimpio and Ezio dig into their Christmas boxes while Steph translates a letter from one of the American kids

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Does it say anything about the size of your butt when your dog seeks shade underneath it?

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