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Flat Stanley Eager

We’re playing host to yet another Flat Stanley this week! Our nephew Liam sent him to stay with us, and we’re trying to show Stanley Eager a good time. He’s completely naked, which is somewhat limiting in the places that we can take him, but he’s definitely getting around.

He was right at home in Europe, where he stopped off in Amsterdam for a few days with the Riches on their way over to SA.


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So Long, Stanley

After many African adventures, Stanley has finally headed back home to Florida. Here he is catching some z’s while ticking one final country off of his list: Senegal, as we were stopped in Dakar to refuel halfway through our 19-hour flight to DC. So long, Stanley!

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Stanley Paints the Town

After spending the week resting up from his Jo’burg and Victoria Falls trips, Stanley was ready to get out and see a bit of Cape Town this weekend. We took him up Signal Hill, where you can get a great view of many different parts of the city!

Stanley felt a little rumpled after his recent travels, so he started the day with a good ironing treatment.

Stanley gazes in awe at Table Mountain, the visual centerpoint of Cape Town.

Stanley also checks out Lion’s Head mountain — when you view it from the right angle (not this one), it looks like a crouching lion.

Stanley looks out to sea at Robben Island, which is home to the prison where Nelson Mandela spent most of his unjust sentence.

Stanley checks out the newly-built World Cup soccer stadium — one of TEN new stadiums around the country that will play host to soccer’s biggest event later this year.

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Stanley Goes to Zimbabwe

Stanley was lucky enough to get a last-minute invitation for a weekend at Victoria Falls with our friends Jared, Lindsay, and Kirsten. We packed him a bag (including malaria pills, since the area of Zimbabwe around the Zambezi River is a mosquito zone) and dropped him at their house on Thursday night for a Friday morning departure.

Here’s Lindsay’s account of Stanley’s trip:

On, Friday Jan 8, Stanley was up with the sun, excited about the big trip to Victoria Falls.  Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed when the flight was cancelled and the trip was backed up a day.  Stanley’s always-smiling face helped other trip attendees who weren’t as excited about waking up at 5:30 am again remember that they were off to a new country and exciting adventures were ahead- if they could only make it to the airport in time.

Upon arrival at the Victoria Falls airport in Zimbabwe, Stanley soon realized that he was no longer in “Africa Light” and that this was the real deal.  The airport was open air and did not have any air conditioning.  The bathroom stalls did not have any doors.  As always, Stanley kept a smile on his face and looked forward to checking out the Kingdom Hotel, where he was to stay for the next two nights.  The hotel was very nice and was centered around a natural pond which warned parents to keep an eye on their small children because there might be small crocodiles in the pond.  Crocodiles were not the only things to be aware of as Stanley and his fellow travelers were warned to keep their balcony doors shut so that baboons and little monkeys could not come inside and steal their things.   The very next day, Stanley saw a mean looking baboon stalking around the hotel grounds and trying to get into the pool bar.  Luckily, Stanley just hid behind a tree and waited until the baboon left.

Although Stanley and his traveling companion Lindsay were excited to get to the falls, the other members of the trip, Jared and Kirsten, were not feeling as well.  Apparently the malaria pills that everyone had taken were resulting in frequent trips to the bathroom and bad stomach aches.  Good thing Stanley has a stomach of steel!

The next day, everyone was feeling better and was excited to get to the Falls.  Visiting Victoria Falls was exciting for Stanley because it is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.  Also, according to Wikipedia, “While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world, it is claimed to be the largest. This claim is based on a width of 1,708 metres (5,600 ft)[4] and height of 108 meters (360 ft), forming the largest sheet of falling water in the world.” Either way, Stanley was pumped!

Stanley and his companions spent most of the day walking around looking at the falls from different angles.  Each time they turned a corner, there seemed to be more water.  Or a rainbow.  Or a really cool gorge.  At one point, they got so close to the falls that they were completely drenched by the water and mist.  The only thing that would make the day better would be to see the falls from a… helicopter!  Although Stanley had an awesome time in the helicopter, he was not able to get any photo evidence as things were quite windy and he had to stay securely tucked away to avoid blowing out the window.

Overall, Stanley really enjoyed his trip to visit Victoria Falls but he wishes that he had brought some clothes or school supplies to give to the local kids because they are very poor.  Nevertheless, Stanley found his trip to Zimbabwe quite an adventure and looks forward to returning one day.
Thanks J, L and L for inviting him along, and welcome home Stanley! Rest up, dude – we’ve got miles to go before you leave.
Stanley and Kirsten arrive at Victoria Falls

Stanley and Linsday take in the beauty of the falls

Stanley gets a great view of the falls during his helicopter tour

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Stanley Goes to Jo'burg

We hated to make Stanley work on his holiday, but a quick business trip with John to Johanessburg was too much opportunity to pass up. We hadn’t told him to pack any business-wear, so I found him a shirt and tie to make sure he’d put his best foot forward.

Stanley catches up on email at the airport while waiting for his flight.

Stanley has a quick cup of coffee before his meeting. He did so well in the presentation that John immediately offered him the job of CFO (Chief Flat Officer).

Stanley browses for World Cup soccer souvenirs at the airport. Here, he’s posing with Zakumi, the World Cup mascot — he’s a leopard with soccer ball patterned spots!

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Look Who's Here (2-D Edition)

Our friend Flat Stanley arrived on Monday for a visit. He’s here for at least a week or two, but he’s such a savvy traveler that he’s decided to leave his visit rather open-ended. And I’m not sure that anyone is in a rush to leave sunny Cape Town for the freeeezing East Coast right now!

Stanley traveled from Hollywood, FL, where he’s in 3rd grade with our friend Gael’s nephew Neil (who generously paid for Stanley’s ticket postage to SA). Stanley loves adventure, having recently been to Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Angola, and all across the USA. We look forward to showing him around our corner of the world!

Stanley catches some rays by the pool with Roxy. Despite his Scottish heritage, he never burned – or even darkened beyond “manila”. Strange.

(Please be sure to click the link if you’re confused and think we’re actually hosting a 3rd grader…)

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