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Ice Ice Baby

After one too many free beers on our flight to Indonesia last year, Johnny G picked up the in-flight duty-free catalog and purchased a white, rubberized Ice brand watch (allegedly for me, though I don’t ever wear a watch). And in the opposite of buyer’s remorse, it turned out that he loved it even more in the light of day!

White Watch has not, however, been such a hit with John’s relatives (you can see him taunting Chuck and Tracy with it in the first photo in this post). So I’m sure there was a collective cheer from the Southeastern US a few weeks ago when White Watch suddenly stopped working and was ultimately pronounced un-fixable. (The tiny metal frame around the tiny date window came off, and got caught around the hour and minute hands).

Luckily, Ice Watch has fabulous customer service, and even though JG couldn’t produce any of his original purchase paperwork, they replaced the watch — for free! So his warranty starts over from this week, ensuring that John will have two more years of an easy means of fretting his family, no further away than the end of his arm. Viva White Watch!


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Boldly into the 21st century: I finally have a real phone!

A phone named after a food? Roxy approves.

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Got this nifty pin as part of our schwag bag at Sara-Manson’s wedding, and it’s been hanging out on the camera bag ever since. Virginia, represent!

Random aside: this slogan always reminds me of an elementary school class field trip to the state capitol, where we all received Virginia is for Lovers bumper stickers. On the way home, some boys in the back of the bus ripped theirs up and stuck them on their jean jackets to say “Love is for Virgins”. Which was in 5th grade, which is also when I thought a “virgin” was an unwed mother (taking Sunday School a little too literally, perhaps). </rant>

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Going Postal

I’m sure you don’t all rush here each morning to find out what was in our mailbox the previous day, but it’s been an exciting mail week! Yesterday’s surprise was a giant box labeled with one of our favorite return addresses: The Shields.

This time, it was 2 books for me (Best Food Writing 2010, and As Always, Julia – The Letters of Julia Child & Avis DeVoto), a bag of treats and a stuffed octopus for Roxy, and a stuffed Yukon Cornelius for Johnny.

Meredith is the friend who first introduced me to Julia, so it’s lovely and fitting to receive the latest book from her. As for Yukon, it was pretty much their first meeting in late 2001 when Mere decided that John bore a resemblance to the hero of the Rudolph holiday classic, and it’s a nickname that has stuck for almost 10 years.

Thanks for stuffing our mailbox with joy, Shieldses! We’re happy to share our mailing address with any of you who want to try to compete with Mere and Gael. 🙂

Why isn’t Yukon Cornelius in the photo above? Because Grabby Pug thinks that anything filled with stuffing and covered in plush automatically belongs to her. John propped Yukon up on a shelf this morning, and there has been much pug drama today as Roxy lets her displeasure be known:

[vimeo 20911069]

(Those of you viewing in Google reader: click out to the full post to see the embedded video)

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Elephant Elephant

In honor of February 1, here’s a shot of the “elephant calendar” that JG bought at a street market a couple of years ago. You line the 12 elephants up all facing the same direction, then turn the one that corresponds to the month you’re in (so the 2nd elephant is turned for February). Extremely useful for pinpointing the date within a 30-day margin of error.

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Your Face is My Case

I know that a straight-up product endorsement isn’t exactly on-topic for Durban Fervor, but I cannot say it loudly enough: Dermalogica has totally changed my face. I got mistaken for 31 the other day! 31!! Not since seeing it on a Baskin Robbins sign as a kid has that number brought me such excitement.

Admittedly, 12 products may be a bit overboard, but if you’ve never checked it out I highly recommend it.

What can I say? I've always been a bit of a product junkie.


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Paddy O’Furniture

With the recent hot days and good porch-sittin’ evenings, we finally broke down and headed to Makro (SA’s version of Costco) for a cheapie set of outdoor furniture. Not much to look at, but it’s comfy as heck and the table holds up a beer quite nicely. What more do you need?!

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