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The traditional gift for the 5th anniversary is wood, so Lizzy presented me with this lovely carved hippo. For some reason I have named her Rebecca.  Gaze upon her loveliness and enjoy.

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Sling it On!

For Christmas last year, I worked with Chuck to surprise John with a Slingbox. It’s basically a little device that you can attach to a cable box and a modem, and it digitizes the cable signal and sends it across the internet. On the receiving end, I have an application installed on my laptop to receive the signal. So Chuck has the device hooked up to his spare TV, and when we log in from here I control and view his TV just like we were sitting in his basement (though without the coo-coo nephews wailing on Rock Band next to us).

Saturday was our first real test of the Slingbox, as we watched the Hokies squeak out a victory over Nebraska! It sucks up quite a bit of bandwidth (of which we have a limited amount), so we’ll save it for big events like football games, but it’s so cool to watch American TV from here. There were even some local Roanoke ads on WSET, which was simply surreal.

We tailgated at our house in proper Blacksburg style, with tons of food and plenteous apple pie shooters (Hi Matt and Marg!), and even two U. of Texas fans decked out in orange — so if we squinted to blur the Longhorn logos it was like being with Hokie fans. H-O-K-I-E-S! HOKIES!


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Africa Rocks!

Our dirty little secret…


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Stars and Stripes 4Ever

You’ve seen these sweet corn-hole boards built by our buddy Mike before – but not in their present glory.  I give you the new and improved boards – USA and SA together!  My wife is the ghetto-craftiest person on the planet.  She laid out the sweet design and we painted them in an afternoon.  For the stars, she laid down a layer of tape and then cut out each one with an exacto knife.  Bring your A-game when you come visit. – JGH


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When we were in VA, we picked up an additional lens for the Christmas camera (which has since come to be known as “John’s camera”, which is totally fine by me!) Here’s a comparison of a photo of the Table Mountain cableway building taken with the old camera versus the new camera with new lens. I think we’re ready for safari now that we won’t actually have to walk up to within 6 feet of a lion to snap his picture.

And in weird news, the zoom on our small Canon miraculously healed itself. Yippee!lens

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Zooma Zoom Zoom

Our (early) gift to each other this Christmas is a new camera – with working zoom! No more stepping forward to get a closer shot of something. Fancy, no?! Thanks again to Phil and Marg for toting a duffel of goodies for us! – LBHcamera

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