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Tengo Ombre

I decided to be a big girl and get my very first hair color. I kept my natural color on the ends and went dark brown up top. I chickened out and went for semi-permanent color at the last minute so it’s already a lot lighter, but I’ll definitely visit the dark side again soon. Fun!

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A Right Royal Affair

Saturday was the 115th running of the Durban July  horse race, and the 2nd consecutive running for the Hawthornes. This year’s theme was “A Right Royal Affair”, so we did our best to dazzle the crowds with our royal fashion and regal bearing.

Ginger / Spice

My DIY fascinator, which prompted one jerk-face to ask me if I had 'lost a bet'. Harrumph! Regardless, I thought it rocked.

Not to be outdone, Johnny G sported the Union Jack on his head. Pip, pip!

It was a(nother) perfect Durban winter day at the racecourse, which is right in the middle of the city. Beautiful!

We were in an awesome corporate box this year, on the second level of the grandstands with a great view of the entire track -- but we still wandered down to the rail for a bit to mingle with the hoipolloi and check out some races up close.

Nikki and I still looked surprisingly perky as we waited for our driver to pick us up. Our husbands, on the other hand... (*Out of kindness to said husbands, there will be no 'other hand' shown here.)

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Better Half

This dude was workin’ it in this shirt! Complete with tight, knee-length, cut-off jorts, cartoon belt, and straw fedora. Hipsteriffic!

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Roxy & Foxy

Gael arrived bearing awesome gifts, as always, and Le Rox was not left out of the fun! Her new shirt says “Roxy & Foxy – Durban 2011”. Unfortunately, she did not bring the dose of horse tranquilizer that would be required to get Roxy to agree to wear clothes for more than 1 minute. (What happened? She used to love tolerate it!)

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Bag Lady

In possibly the most awkward favor I’ve ever been roped into, I agreed to (don’t laugh) model for my friend Stephanie’s web site promoting her wholesale bag business. We spent a scorching November day traipsing around the Durban Botanic Gardens, illicitly climbing trees and repeatedly getting yelled at by security guards.

Those of you with extremely light-colored eyes know how AWFUL it is to be out in full sun without sunglasses, so each photo involved me standing with my eyes squeezed shut while the photographer gave me a 3-2-1 countdown for a quick blink open. Absolutely excruciating (which I think comes across in a lot of the photos)!

Anyway, Steph’s recent sales jaunt around LA’s fashion district was incredibly productive, and style mavens across California are currently trying to see past the pale, squinty girl to ogle the hot, handmade bags.

If you venture over to the web site, I am the "model" (I use that term very loosely) for the 4 colors of the Fabric bag. Also (to my dismay) the home page.

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She only tolerates us for the Vondi’s.

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Hot Tranny Mess

By popular demand As punishment for the complete lack of comments on John’s amazing Miss America costume, I present to you the full-length version. Behold!

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That 70’s Party

A couple of horrible camera-phone pics (shouldn’t an iPhone be better quality than this?!) from the 70’s party that John attended in Jo’burg a few weeks ago. Only in a non-politically-correct culture like SA can someone actually hire a little person to be part of their costume.

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Santa’s Little Helper

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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Land Shark

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