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Now or Later

I’m not sure if this belongs under Only in Africa, or Never in Virginia. I know that it’s definitely the latter, but it’s possible that there are also other parts of the world where the population refuses to abide by normal timing conventions.

In addition to the confusion over the meaning of “now”, SAfricans also routinely issue invitations with a start time of, for instance, “7 for 7:30”. That means you can be there as early as 7, but you really should be there by 7:30 (though true locals will stretch it out for another 45 minutes to an hour or two, rarely more than three, just to be on the safe side).


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Here’s your Never in America for the week… this “joke” appeared on the editorial page of today’s paper:

We generally enjoy SA's liberating lack of extreme political correctness (for political discussions, not racist jokes), but this is a bit over the line.


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Flat Out

I want to get back to one of the initial themes of the blog, which is showing you stuff that just simply wouldn’t happen in America. That thought goes through my head at least a few times a day, every time I see something that would surely lead to a lawsuit in the States – tripping hazards, uncovered buffets, unrefrigerated deli sandwiches, stairs with no railings, occasionally stairs with no stairs, etc.

I haven’t been in an American gym since … well, a long time, so I’m not sure if this is a thing there: do you have permanently installed flatirons available for use in your locker room? I just picture the burn potential and the liability of it all. There’s actually a bar in Cape Town that has a coin-operated flatiron in the ladies room. Can you imagine a more frightening combo that drunk bar chicks and hair straighteners?!

I’ve started a new blog tag for “never in America” (kind of a companion to the “only in Africa” tag), and will try to throw you one a week.

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